Dylan was a loner in high school until he found the "gang", he had various relationships with Brenda and Kelly in high school. He felt alone, until his father got out of prison and they reconciled. Then Jack was tragiclly killed by mafia hitmen in a car bomb. It took him a long time to get over his father's death, and then he met Erica, his halfsister, Jack's daughter, and her mother, and Kevin the fiance. Kevin spent many months convincing Dylan and Jim Walsh to invest in Kevin's Environmental research company, then he, Erica and her mother stole the cash and ran to Mexico. Dylan had lost all his money. He started drinking and doing drugs again, and nothing anyone did helped him. After a near fatal car crash, he made a major play for Kelly, convinced they were soul mates. When she turned both him and Brandon down, he decided to avenge his father. He made friends with the daughter of his father's killer, Marchette. Only he fell in love with her. He gave up his quest and married her. Her father couldn't stand them together, and tried to kill dylan, but got his daughter instead. After that, Dylan gave the condo to Brandon to keep an eye on, and left. He returned and spent time living with David, until he founda place. He took Gina away from David, but they got over that, Gina left and finally in the series finale, Kelly realized she and Dylan were meant to be.